How Can I Prepare for PMP in 2021?

PMP – Project Management Professional Certification is the most demanded certification today. Mainly, it is sought after by project managers and associates who are looking for an upgrade in their respective careers.

Moreover, a PMP certification is best for all industries and sectors. Why? Because all economic sectors demand managers and executives that can look after work assignments and projects, and help a firm to achieve end goals through productive insights.

If you want to be the best in your industrial field or company, a PMP certification can act as a ladder for advancement!

PMP certification has undergone many changes, recently. We note them all for you here in this blog, as you read by.

Equipping yourself for a PMP? – Here is how you can train and educate yourself!

  • Quick points that give you a valuable start –
  • Sketch out a better learning and study plan.
  • Find a reliable educational training organization or education provider.
  • You may also see that it is an ATP – Authorized Training Provider authorized to provide the best training in the PMP domain.
  • Choose a formal study course or a certification that can upgrade your management competencies.
  • Go for a course or program that focuses on practical accuracy, industry relevancy, and hands-on experience on corporate project management tasks.

Prepare for Project Management Professional certification in 2021

  • See if you suit the PMP certification or not?

Firstly, a professional must-see if – s/he complies with overall PMP criteria. The aspirant must note if s/he has the foundational knowledge and practical exposure as a project manager or in a similar subordinate role.

If s/he has the needed education and knowledge which is demanded sitting in the PMP exam then, a professional cab makes a move forward!

Currently, in 2021, PMP certifications are the best gateway to success and integrity! They provide a valuable credential to a learner and highlight his/her CV/Resume in front of the hiring personality or employer.

  • Prior education requirements
  • A candidate must possess 4500 hours of experience. The aspirant must have spent at least 4500 dedicated hours in project management.
  • 4500 hours if you have a Bachelors’ Degree.
  • In other cases, a candidate can also possess an HS Degree with 7500 hours of project management.
  • Cost of PMP certification

Before sitting for the examination, the candidate must know how much s/he needs to pay at different times and levels of the certification:

  • Cost with membership – $405
  • Re-examination fees – $275
  • Renewal fees – $129
Regular study

Regular study is the real key! A candidate must have access to all of the study resources like books, e-books, papers, articles, and university papers that are written by academic scholars and personality of presence.

If the student has joined a valid technical certification for increasing the number of project experience hours and cracking the PMP certification, s/he will remain in consistent touch with the study materials and new updates related to PMP examination and certification.

  • Taking practice exams

The best and most authentic popular PMP certification training will allow you to keep in touch with basic and advanced knowledge on Project Management. This will be done by sitting for practice exams.

The practice sets can be either offered by the education provider, ATPs or they can be downloaded online.

Recent changes in Project Management Professional (PMP) certification

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is responsible for producing the best project managers in the world, today. The institute is responsible for upskilling and upgrading the talents and expertise of managers and heads in each country.

For moving ahead of time and charging themselves with modern trends in PMP, the professionals need to modify their paths a little bit. This is done by researching and understanding what major changes are being made in PMP certification and the ways PMP certification is conducted and managed by PMI in 2021. 

  • Changes and Developments –

Recently, in 2019 the PMI gave out newly developed new formats and exam patterns for sitting for the PMP certification training. The changes were designed to suit the functions of new managers and project superintendents of the new era.

  • The use of more effective processes:

The PMI has introduced more productive procedures to guarantee skilled and potent manpower of project professionals. It has instigated two processes as the major base of the project management certification and examination:

  • The Role Delineation Study (RDS)
  • Job Task Analysis (JTA)

A working project manager or a task supervisor must have real-world experience. The new guidelines state that about half of the questions are asked from predictive PM analysis, and others come from real-time agile and hybrid practices.

  • Format for the examination:
In 2021 –

Number of questions: 180 (Earlier – 200)

                        Scored questions: 175 (Earlier – 175)

                        Unscored questions: 5 (Earlier – 25)

Exam duration: 230 (Earlier – 240)

  • Matter for examination

The new shape of the PMP examination has revised itself a great deal. To say some more, it has not stuck itself to the PMBOK Guide 6th edition – fully!

The aspirants have to be more practically diligent and efficient if they want to get through the PMP examination. In 2021, simply relying on the PMBOK Guide 6th edition is not enough.

The focus of PMO is to make project managers more industry-relevant, corporately demanding, and economic.

The PMO has changed from the existing five essential subject matter domains to three matter domains today. These are:

  • People
  • Process
  • Business environment

These three domains are certain of working in the areas of strategic business development, leadership, and technical business management. 

  • Change in tasks questions

The number of tasks has been decreased to 35. Earlier in 2020, the tasks were registered at 42. These tasks are suitable for all types of business environments.

The exam presents common questions from all business domains. It is here, where the aspiring project managers need to fit in themselves.

  • Change from PMI R.E.P to PMI A.T.P

Last year, in 2020, the PMI R.E.P – Register Education Provider was replaced by the PMI ATP – Authorized Training Partner.

We hope that this blog offers a deep insight into the most useful information that is required to sit and prepare oneself for the project management certification.

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