Can Erectile Dysfunction Cause Depression?

Erectile Dysfunction is a critical medical condition in which males lose their ability to get their penis erect during sexual intercourse. This leads to far-reaching consequences which are more psychological than sexual.

When a person is diagnosed with ED, not only the erection is affected but with it, his behaviour, his family member’s reaction towards him also changes. This induces a change in his personality which is generally negative or self-destructive in nature.

This is the reason doctors advise family members and the spouse to be with the patient. Being alone gives rise to the feeling of guilt and shame as in our society the masculinity of a male is determined by his reproductive organs.

So, being an Erectile Dysfunction patient in such a society is itself a daunting task because it requires a sound mental composure to absorb all the tantrums of less manliness.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction or ED?

While there are not one, but various reasons which cause ED such as smoking, alcohol consumption, use of other drugs, physical injuries, etc.

Any one of them is enough to make your penis lose its ability to get erect. To understand Erectile Dysfunction, one must understand what causes the penis to not get erect.

When a man gets sexually stimulated due to various reasons blood gushes into the penis. This flow of blood into the penis makes it erect. As long as the blood is in the blood vessels of the penis, it remains erect. When the blood exits from the penis, the erection also lowers accordingly.

In Erectile Dysfunction, the blood is prevented from entering the penis which results in a negligible erection. So, any drug or pill such as Fildena 120mg, Vidalista and Cenforce 200 Wholesale from PowPills which ensures to treat ED has to do one simple thing, to make sure there is no obstruction in the path of blood while reaching the penis.

Can depression be an after-effect of ED?

Apart from the reasons given above for ED, being disturbed mentally and emotionally is also one of the reasons which cause ED.

There is no rocket science but quite simple logic. Observe yourself only, when you had a fight with your friend or quarrel with your wife you become tensed. In such a situation your penis would remain normal. This is because for the stimulation you need a sexual drive that comes from within and that is missing. In that condition you do not want sexual pleasure, your mind has no intentions for such activity.

This shows that the mind has a great role to play in experiencing a memorable sexual experience. To get that stimulation you must be free from tensions and worries. Stress levels should be low then only stimulation can happen which further causes an erection.

Now why a person with ED mostly ends up in a psychiatrist’s clinic due to depression and anxiety? This has a reason associated with it. Being an ED patient in our society is not easy. Firstly no one wants to share such information with even close friends, family, or relatives. Because in return what he receives is a series of laughter and jokes about his manliness.

It further makes the patient demotivated and he is made to feel inferior to his counterparts. It has been in many ED cases that the spouse of the patient gets separated and the reason is not getting the desired physical love.

When a newlywed woman does not get his desires satisfied with her husband, she looks for other options. This gives the basis of the extramarital affairs of the female in the relationship. Imagine being an ED patient and then knowing that your wife is having an extramarital affair.

It takes a heavy toll on the mental space of the patient. And the daily incidents of getting teased by friends and colleagues in the workplace are always there. This makes him distance himself from the outer world, he loves to remain alone. Slowly and gradually, he becomes nervous while talking with strangers, he cannot face many people at a time, and his self-confidence and self-esteem are crushed.

And a time comes when suicidal thoughts start coming into the mind. This is when it becomes dangerous and the person is declared depressed. So, one could see the journey of a person from an ED patient to a patient of depression at the same time.

So, it is sent per cent possible and mostly true that ED could result in depression.

How to prevent it?

Well, if you just want to prevent an ED patient from getting into depression, getting cured of ED is the first step.

If the reason which led to depression is wiped out, then depression will automatically get eradicated. Another step is to get constant support from his partner and family, this will surely give a boost to his confidence which will prevent depression.

But if you want to get rid of ED so that all of its after-effects get eliminated one has to make some sacrifices apart from eating Fildena, Vidalista, and Cenforce from PowPills.

Give up addictions

The first step would be to get rid of all the addictions one has such as smoking, drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs such as heroin, LSD, brown sugar, etc.

These addictions are much more dangerous than just affecting you sexually. Many people have lost their family, children, and even their life due to these addictions.

The intoxicating nature of these substances ceases the control of the brain over the organs. The whole body functions without any coordination, necessary secretions are stopped. Some people start taking these substances by giving the excuse that they find a way to escape the hardships of the world.

But in life, we have to face the challenges and not overlook them.

Eat healthily

For a great sexual life, one must a healthy diet which contains fewer calories and a low sugar diet. One must also try to eat meals in medium quantity, do not fill your stomach up to the brim.

Make your body move

Exercise regularly so that the blood circulation remains normal. Do not eat and sit and sleep.

If not exercise, meditate and perform yoga for at least 30 minutes a day.Meditation and yoga help in enhancing the overall effectiveness of the body by normalizing the blood pressure.

Stress levels get reduced, it also acts as a mood elevator. And for the same reason, psychiatrists advise patients to do meditation and yoga.

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