Yoga Asanas to help you burn your belly fat

Fat has always been considered a critical one for people of all ages. Fat accumulation becomes a common issue for every person due to changing food habits and poor lifestyles. If an individual is finding reliable sources for a slimmer belly, yoga for beginners could be considered vital. Yoga Poses support not only weight loss but also promote a stress-free body. Apart from increasing flexibility and strengthening muscle power and tone, various yoga Asanas can help you burn belly fat efficiently.

The yoga mat needs to be first prioritized. The selection of the Best yoga mat is essential for beginners. Here are the key characteristics for getting the right mat:-

Thick Yoga Mat:- ¼ inch yoga mat is considered thick and may be ideal for back support during yoga Asanas.

Nonslip Yoga Mat:- the best ideal all-around Non Slip yoga mat is the Alo chakra Alignment mat.

Travel Yoga Mat:- Yoga mat come in weights from thin or light for travel to ¼ inch heft mars. The size is considered ideal for travel purposes.

Why do you need a yoga mat?

Yoga Mat provides you with a personal space for yoga. Suppose an individual is practicing yoga in the park. In that case, the mat helps define your space, protects you from the public disturbance in that area, and allows you to continue yoga peacefully. A yoga mat made up of anti-skid material. It does not allow you to fall or even support you to do asanas poses appropriately.


Poor lifestyle, sedentary work, lack of exercise routine, unhealthy food habits and stress contributor are the causes to the broader waist, flabby belly and bigger health-related problem such as asthma, diabetes and heart problem, etc. it’s hard to rid of the belly fat and most of the time, notice that maintaining a healthy lifestyle or working out daily also doesn’t work for belly fat to reduce. It all occurs due to still hopping on unhealthy food habits and an imperfect exercise process. Yoga made simpler to reduce all kinds of deficiencies in the body as yoga supports physical/mental peace to generate controlling (patience) habits on food or personal lives. That’s why yoga is called wholesome, which constitutes all kinds of benefits that are required for body or mental peace. The below-mentioned five asanas help to reduce belly fat.

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana
Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

Tips to do

To perform Bhujangasana:

  1. Slouch flat with the help of your stomach and use your forehead in a group and palms underneath shoulders.
  2. With the use of back and belly muscles, start lifting your body off the floor during breath inhaling.
  3. Keep your arms straight through the shoulder pressed against your back.
  4. Try to Stretch your neck towards the ceiling for increasing flexibility.
  5. Raise hips from the floor around some inches.

For better results, 15-30 seconds position through exhale or inhale would be better.


  • It supports reducing belly fat and cures digestive problems like constipation and stomach burning.
  • It is helpful for those suffering from back pain or respiratory disorder.

Boat Pose or Navasana

Boat Pose or Navasana

Tips to do

To do this pose:

  1. Start with sitting on the floor, and then keep your legs straight in front of you with your knees bent.
  2. Lean you back a bit and gradually start lifting your legs.
  3. Try to stretch your arms in alignment with your shoulder height.

It creates a sense of pressure in the stomach.


  • It helps in strengthening abdominal muscles and building up six-packs abs.
  • It flattenedthe belly.

Knees to chest or Apanasana


Tips to do

To begin,

  1. First, lie down on your back and inhale.
  2. Pull up your knees till on your chest through doing breath intake or exhale. In this process, try to maintain shoulder blades down equivalent to the waist.
  3. Make your face line up on the center of your body and tuck your chin downwards.

The best result could be for holding the pose for 10/15 seconds till breathing becomes comfortable.


  • It offers relief from cramps and bloating in the stomach.
  • It stimulates digestion and promotion of healthy bowel movement.

Chair Pose or Utkatasana


Tips to do

To start with your feet slightly apart:

  1. First, intake the air and then raise arms straight towards the head and keep the palm facing towards the air with triceps next to ears.
  2. Breathe out or bend the knees while pushing the butt back.
  3. Gradually lower yourself towards the floor in the form of sitting in a chair.
  4. Repeat it at least five times.


  • It increases flexibility.
  • It reduces belly or thigh fat.

Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana


Tips to do

To begin,

  1. Do with standing straight with feet to five feet. Lift your arms beyond your body head; after that, try to join palms in the air.
  2. When individuals exhale, turn right for 90 degrees outwards, turn left foot 45-60 degrees here towards the right side.
  3. Try to make the right heel lined up within the left wheel arch. The next step is to rotate the torso to the right while keeping the straight aim.
  4. When an individual takes to breathe, then try to bend the right knee by getting thigh parallel and vertical towards the floor. Keep the left leg stretched and hold the knee tightened during the process.
  5. Try to twist your face back to see the joined palms. Try to place this prose at least ten seconds by taking a deep breath.


  • It improves heart conditions.
  • It maintains blood pressure or knee pain.

Yoga wheel exercises for losing belly fast

The yoga wheel includes a hollow, circular form of a prop-shaped wheel designed to stretch and release excessive weight from the belly. Yoga wheel exercises are performed with the use of props. Yoga wheels are best for back pain and improve flexibility.

Yoga wheel exercises

Best Yoga wheel

  • Up circle Seven Yoga wheel.
  • Easy to carry in travel.
  • Mindful yoga wheel with eco-friendly.


A yoga routine is considered the best form of reducing belly fat along with enhancement of mental health. Mental peace assists in controlling the food intake. It helps to reduce body fat and feel fit. Yoga also proves successful in relieving stress and enhancing flexibility. It will engage individual abdomen muscles more efficiently than any other core exercises. Thus, individuals keep practicing yoga for weight loss.

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