12 Best Tips For Keeping Your House Cool Without Air Conditioner

Summer season is the perfect time when wonderful things are experienced but there is extreme heat as well which is not loved by most of them. For many, this period can be very discomforting as well especially with the absence of ducted aircon Sydney!

In this segment, we will be providing you with various tips that can keep you and your house cool in the summer heat.

Let’s take a look:

1. Dehumidify:

If you are from that specific area where dry heat is faced then your body perspires and sweat evaporates that helps you cool off in just the right method. However, with the area of high humidity, you see that sweat doesn’t evaporate, and hence keeping a dehumidifier in the house will help you. Failing to do so will make you feel hot, miserable, wet, and sticky!

2. Unplug:

Everything that is put in the socket increases the heat in the house hence you must unplug those accessories that aren’t for usage. Even a small red lamp for the night is contributing to the total heat of the house and drain too much energy. That is why it is wise to unplug.

3. Rely on natural and high-efficiency lighting:

It is best to take full advantage of daylighting while during the daytime or use energy-efficient light bulbs such as LEDs to keep enough brightness. Avoid using a 100 watt light bulb that is capable to increase the heat every hour by 11 degrees! Along with this, use lighter paint and finish colors on the walls since they are well capable to reflect more light and you won’t need extra lighting (hence reduced heat generation).

4. Avoid oven usage:

Once the scorching heat is at its peak, you can pre-plan your meal so that oven usage should be avoided during the day. You can use a grill or microwave for cooking or even a crockpot. Even if oven usage is a must, either use it before noon for meal planning or in the evening.

5. Use the blinds smartly:

Shining sun looks amazing outside but it is not good for keeping your home cool. You can keep your blinds from late morning (10 AM) to early evening (6 PM). By doing such a simple act you can reduce the room’s temperature by 10 to 15 degrees.

6. Use ceiling fans the right way:

Did you know even a basic ceiling fan has the wrong and right way for its usage? You will notice that there is a small switch on the base of your ceiling fan that changes its direction while you are looking for amazing airflow.

During the summer months, you should turn the fan in the counter-clockwise direction where the air should be forced down making you feel colder. For the winter months, you can use the switch wherewith the clockwise direction the ceiling fan should circulate the cold air from the room and you won’t feel much cold.

7. Provide shading to your windows as well:

It is depressing and crazy to even think of a house that is completely dark during the summers and the shades are always closed! Provide shading to your windows. So that you can open them at times and even have enough ventilation without getting direct sunlight on them.

8. Start with proper ventilation:

You can bring stove top vents and use them in the laundry and bathroom to dump out hot and humid air that comes due to cooking and showering. In this way, you can reduce a whole lot of hot temperatures inside the house.

9. Provide cooling to a room with Air Conditioner:

You can use air conditioning Sydney so that you can keep them cool while keeping them closed and not putting in the extra effort. Using an air conditioner in the summers is the finest way to cool down a room and avoid health issues because of heat.

10. Plant shade:

Although this is long-term planning with a little bit of planning you can keep your yard and house cooler in the summers. A house with a tree can keep away 70% of the solar radiation from entering your home.

11. Keep your cool roof:

It’s time to ditch your black painted roof since it absorbs heat and gets shades so that your roof can stay cool and reduce the amount of heat transferred to the home.

12. Make better investments:

Keeping the insulation better along with perfect windows and doors in the summer can save your home from extreme heat and warmth without using much energy.

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