All types of dab pen cartridges

While most dab pens cartridges have a common size 510 threaded, you can find different types of dab pen cartridges in the market today. The classification of these cartridges may depend on their functionality. This article describes the two major types of dab pen cartridges and how to use them.

What is a dab pen cartridge?

Dab pen cartridges are small vape tanks that carry the dab concentrate. Usually, they are fitted onto a dab pen to enable the vaporization of the concentrate for you to vape. You can also find dab pen cartridges that only require a battery 

There are two major types of dab pen cartridges:

  1. Refillable dab pen cartridges (this type of cartridges is cost-effective because they can be used many times before being disposed of.

One downside of this type of dab pen cartridges is they come empty. You must separately buy a dab concentrate and fill it on the cartridge then you can enjoy your dab which takes more time).

  • Pre-filled dab pen cartridges (are good for you if you need to dab urgently since they come pre-filled with the dab concentrate. 

What to look for in a dab pen cartridge.

With the ever-growing vaping industry, more investors are venturing into making vaping products. Thus, you are likely to find so many dab pens in the market today. Some of these dab pen cartridges may be high-quality while others can be sub-standard. Below are some of the characteristics of a dab pen cartridge that will help you find your ideal one.

  • Build standards (dab pen cartridges made from materials such as Pyrex or steel are likely to last longer than even your dab pen)
  • Efficiency (it is almost impossible to figure out the efficiency of your dab pen cartridge by just simply looking at it and touching it. However, you can check out testimonials of people who have previously used the dab pen cartridge before buying it. You will know how efficient it will serve you.

A very efficient dab pen cartridge should be designed in a way that it lets you vape the concentrate to its last bit that is; none of the dabbing concentrates goes to waste.)

  • Aesthetics (each person is a fan of aesthetics only that some may like it simple while others may love sleek things.

You need a dab pen cartridge that has your favorite color. You can also find one with a plain design or one with a complex design.)

  • The capacity of the cartridge (dab pen cartridges with a smaller capacity are more portable and hence are ideal for you if you travel a lot. On the other hand, larger capacity dab pen cartridges are perfect for a regular daily user).

Where to find all types of dab pen cartridges?

A significant percentage of vaping products can be ordered from an online store. Which makes it the perfect place to get all kinds of dab pen cartridges. Luckily, you can also walk into a physical store/ shop and find many dab pen cartridge types.

Why should you buy your dab pen cartridge online?

Online stores offer the best pricing for all types of dab pen cartridges. Most people always check the online pricing of any product to know the fairest price.

You can also compare the reviews and ratings of dab pen cartridges of all kinds easily in an online store than in any other place.

If you prefer privacy in all your discreet purchases, online stores are the best places. Which you can obtain your dab pen cartridge.

Reasons why buying a dab pen cartridge from a physical store could be perfect for you.

There is a lesser risk of fraud when you buy from a physical store. You get to see, touch, feel, and experiment the quality and performance of the dab pen cartridge before purchase.

You will not encounter shipping problems or delays when you buy the cartridge from a physical store.

Key takeaway. For all types of dab pen cartridges, you are likely to find distinct procedures of use. You should always read and follow the user manual provided by the manufacturer of the cartridge.

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