BONNY BURGERS: 4 Burger Joints to Visit On the Central Coast NSW

Burgers are oh-so-yummy, but have you tasted Australia’s awesome take on them? 

Central Coast in New South Wales boasts a mouth-watering possession of burgers that never fails to garner attention! Its spotlight in the dining scene has always been bright, and its burgers are among the chows that are hard to forget. Some look extravagant while some look ordinary, but the criteria all boil down to the flavors that make magic happen. There’s so much to expect from Central Coast’s delish burgers! 

Regardless if you are a tourist strolling through the region’s glamor or a local spending a relaxing weekend getaway in NSW, you can always grab a burger or two in one or more restaurants and fast food hubs on the Central Coast. These yummo buns with beauty within are perfect anytime of the day — breakfast, lunch, afternoon break, dinner and midnight snacking! Is it your first meal? Or your last chomp to cap off the fun day? Well, no problem! You can go ahead with a succulent burger on your hand and into your mouth! 

While you are in Central Coast, do not miss trying their choice burgers that everyone in the area is going after! To make your burger quest easier, below is a friendly list tailor-made for you! Check out these 4 burger joints to visit on the Central Coast, and you won’t be disappointed. Read on. Beware of your hungry tummy!

1 – REX’S BURGERS (North Gosford)


Making a loud roaring burger stomp in North Gosford, Rex’s Burgers is well-known and well-loved for its every pleasant aspect that’s not so easy to find! Its burgers are sought-after, and each bite is so worthy of every second of your Central Coast trip!

Serving guests every day, this burger shop is dedicated to producing lush burgers and more top-notch quality tucks while bringing back a vintage vibe from its old fashioned takeaway style! Rex’s Burgers makes sure that customer service is excellent. Without a doubt, visitors commend how kind and accommodating the staff are which adds another reason for them to come back to the place.

Rex’s Burgers claims that it has the best burgers on the Coast, and they work and serve well to prove it! You have heard of similar names of some of its burgers like the Original Burger and the Cheese and Bacon Burger, but the savor makes a huge, fantastic difference! They have vegan burgers with vegan patties, too, which are perfect for health nuts! Exceptionally, there are more unique burger variations exclusive to Rex’s Burgers. They include the Mexican Burger, the Chook Burger and the one that will intrigue your senses, the T-Rex Burger! That sounds deliciousaurus! 

Besides tasty burgers, this locally owned food stop offers several toothful options to bite on.

Try its Mega Breakfast if you need to fill your belly tanks with a heavy brekkie. Poached Egg on Toast is ideal for a ‘just right’ weight. Rex’s Burgers’ Pulled Rolls and Baked Rolls are a favorite of many. Order extras like Battered Save, Pineapple Fritters, Crumsky, Chico Roll and Caramelized Onion. Add some lettuce, tomatoes, sweet chili and sour cream to amp up the lively meal! You can’t leave the store without tasting its popular Potato Scallops that will leave you drooling just by the sight of them.

Of course, Rex’s Burgers will take the responsibility of clearing up your throats with palatable beverages. The Ants Pants Coffee will make you curious, so you better find out what it’s about. Other drinks include Lattes, Cappuccinos, Black Teas and Flat Whites.

Rex’s Burgers provide generous portions. Seeing their huge burgers, you can say they are too generous to not be applauded! If you are not a big eater, just share a single burger with a companion because you might not be able to finish it all by yourself. On the other hand, if you are a burger superfan, it’s going to be super fun!

Rest assured that Rex’s Burgers present nothing but the freshest ingredients to make their well-seasoned burgers and other edibles! Juicy, fresh and scrumptious! What’s there to complain about in Rex’s Burgers?! Nothing at all.



In Tuggerah lies a branch of the master Australian franchise of the Burger King Corporation. Hungry Jack’s Burgers are too fresh and fabulous to just skip!

Its long history of good food and good service includes customizing their burgers just the way their regulars like them. Hungry Jack’s focuses on producing burgers that suit their customers’ tastes and not only what’s trendy. Collaborating with first-rate suppliers of leading and genuine flavors in Australia, it uses fresh ingredients to make their fresh burgers.

Hungry Jack’s burgers that will boost your energy include the Tropical Whopper, Rebel Whopper Cheese, Mega Jack, Baconator Deluxe and Hash Brown Cheeseburger. Just by reading their names, you will get the hint that they are no joke at all!

Pre-ordering is allowed in Hungry Jack’s Tuggerah to lessen your inconveniences on a busy day. No worries about extra charges because rates of pre-ordered meals are still the same with store prices. 

Available seating is enough, and the store is accessible for wheelchairs. Ask for assistance whenever you need it, and the Hungry Jack’s Tuggerah’s staff will be happy to help! 

3 – BURGER WORLD (The Entrance)


You know The Entrance? You should know about Burger World

With consistently dainty burgers, Burger World is famous for families, friends and travel groups spending a refreshing weekend getaway in NSW. Orders arrive fresh and hot on time just when your tummy’s already rumbling. The appetizing burgers will clothe your bonding time with more joy! Burger World is worth-recommending for trips and strolls!

The Angus Burger and the Portugese Burger are well-known for their truly yum-yum tastes! Aside from flavorful burgers, chips and seafood boxes are available! Buy some seafood sticks and sauces for a cozy outdoor food trip in The Entrance.

Burger prices won’t hurt your pockets plus the staff will assist you with a smile. The surroundings are rejuvenating, especially when visitors responsibly maintain its cleanliness. The waterfront and overlooking sceneries make the mood even more unforgettable!

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One of the things to adore most about it is its support and respect for local Australian produce. Anthony’s Seafood and Burgers in Kincumber is not only recognized on the Central Coast but all over Australia. 

Using natural and fresh Australian ingredients, this burger joint with a colorful menu creates original Aussie burgers at their finest. Day-to-day in-store food production proves how newly harvested crops are put to their best use.

You will not regret experiencing the superbness of the homemade burgers in Anthony’s Seafood and Burgers! The Original Burger sounds just like any other “original burger” you have heard of from your hometown fast food restaurants, but here, it’s like nowhere else in Australia or even on the globe! Get astounded by The Schnitty Burger and The Reef Burger; their names are already enough to tempt you in purchasing them. They tickle your curiosities so much that you have to know what they are and why they seem interesting. With fresh cajun grilled barramundi fillet and its finger-licking components, The Cajun Barra Burger is among the top customer-favourite picks!


Anthony’s Seafood is not called the way it’s called if burgers are its only pride. It also serves exquisite seafood dishes — fish, oysters, lobsters, shrimps, calamari and more. You can have them fried or grilled according to your own liking. Enjoy the Family Seafood Box for a tummy-filling feast with your squad!

Combine any of these tasteful grubs with their homespun salads! And oh, their homemade sauces come in rich flavors, too, namely Tartare, Seafood, Herbed Mayo, Sweet Chili Mayo, Tomato, BBQ and Onion Relish. Try the wonderful Traditional Seafood Chowder as well!

Anthony’s Seafood and Burgers take pleasure in making people smile and healthy with their gratifying catalogue of seafood and burgers! 


It is sometimes unbelievable how the Central Coast is already outstandingly pretty in visuals, yet it is also delightfully packed with a vast range of flavorful food selections. Its burgers are among the evidence! 

From the simplest to the most bizarre varieties, these burgers are special and bonny in every way. When you are living on the Central Coast or travelling in it, these are the goodies that will make you love this already loveable place in New South Wales!


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