Some Awesome Gifts to celebrate Women Empowerment on Women’s Day

Women are our integral, inseparable and illuminating part of our life. From corporate to personal life- they are our complete support system. Cherish their importance in one’s life, International Women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March. Since the big day is coming around the corner, you can put your little effort into making them feel special by planning the best gifts for women’s day.

Reward their achievements and pay a token of gratitude with personalised gifts, chocolate boxes and other awesome gifts to celebrate women empowerment on Women’s day. She may be your hard-working female colleague, your struggling sister, your mother, a close friend or any important female of your life.

In this article, you will find some of the best gift ideas for women’s day that you can plan for! Read on.

Fresh Exotic Plants: Goodness of Nature

Nature is an eternal beauty, gifting something from the family of nature is one of the meaningful gifts you could give. It is one of the best-personalised gifts for women’s day. Purchase different kinds of beautiful air-purifying plants for your colleagues and surprise them on Women’s day! Surprise your female colleagues by placing the little plant or flower pot, beautiful vases on their workstation with a handwritten note. Nowadays, even customized vases are available too!

Personalised Wrist Watches: Add Personal Touch

Wrist Watches
Wrist Watches

Personalised gifts endow a sense of personal touch. One of the best and thoughtful gifts for women’s day is to surprise women around you with personalised wristwatches! Whether she is your mother, wife, sister, close friend or life partner, a customized wristwatch will always be a cherished and well-loved gift! Most of the online websites provide customizations options for dials, straps etc. So why not delight your female counterpart with a unique wristwatch!

Chocolate Bouquet/ Box: Sweetness Overload

Who doesn’t fall head over heels for some assorted chocolates? Usually, we give chocolate bars, but you can go a step ahead and purchase an exclusive women’s day chocolate box or bouquet. You can give a beautifully decorated collection of chocolates, add different types of chocolates in a beautiful bouquet or anything that you fancy! Take her by surprise and boost her joy!

Explosion Boxes: Creativity at its best!

Creative Explosion boxes have recently garnered immense attention and can be the best handmade gift for women’s day. There are numerous tutorials available on youtube to guide you on how to make these boxes. Just collect some of her best moments and place them on the box with empowering and motivating messages! This way, the women around you will cherish your precious handmade gift and respect your regard dearly!

Kitchen Appliances: Smart option!

Most of the women have to perform their day-to-day tasks at Kitchen. And they spend good time cooking, cleaning and mending her stuff in Kitchen itself! Hence, you can plan to give essential kitchen applications to ease her efforts and help her in making cooking easier. There are numerous options available online or you can surf offline and get them. You can go for blenders, juicers, choppers, coffee makers, kettles etc. and pay your dear regards along with women’s day chocolate boxes too!

Crafted Gifts: Fusion of Art and Style

If you’re planning what else can be the best gift for women’s day? Then this question can well be addressed by antiques, souvenirs and craft items! These gifts are sure to bring a beaming smile to women! These gifts give a real touch of uniqueness, art and style. You can choose from a wide range of oxidized jewelry, cultural apparels, showpieces and home decor etc. from online gift portals or markets selling these goodies!

Books: Key to a woman’s heart

If you know that the woman around you, whether she is your sister, friend or colleague then you already know what they love! Gift them their favorite author’s novel or you can explore other genres like thriller, motivational or inspiring books! You can also give her a book that has tips for cooking, room decorating, skills improvement, make up etc. Undeniably, it can be the best gift to give!

Now that you’ve glanced over some of the awesome gift ideas, personalised gifts, let us know which one you would keep in your bucket list and celebrate Women Empowerment on Women’s day!

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