7 Home Improvements to do during a Health Contingency

Are you sure what to do in your free time at home? The health pandemic will be a perfect excuse to tidy up, clean, or make home improvements. We invite you to know 7 repairs that you can do yourself. Become an expert!

A couple of weeks have passed since the social isolation began due to the health contingency and despite the fact that the infections in Mexico have not been as extreme as those in other countries, the coronavirus has brought economic and social effects, causing many Mexicans must take classes online or work from home. In this way, boredom and laziness increase every day in the population.

If you are one of those people who do not know what to do with your free time at home, we share 7 very simple home improvements to do during COVID-19 that will help you increase the value of your home. Take note!  

What Home Improvements Can You Do During COVID-19 Social Isolation?

  • Check the electrical installation
  • Adjust and repair pipes
  • Deep cleans floors
  • Fix noisy doors and windows
  • Renew your furniture
  • Debug all areas

Paint the interior and exterior of the home

If the walls and walls are dirty or worn, the first home improvement you can do during COVID-19 is to paint the interior and exterior of your home.

It is very important that you first remove the moisture from the walls and ceilings. Analyze the psychology of color and seasonal colors to select the color that is ideal for you. Painting your home can become an activity to do as a family.

Check the electrical installation

Social isolation is a good time to check all electrical installations including plugs, fuses, and plugs on electrical appliances. All you need is a toolbox, a few spare parts you can buy at a hardware store, and turn off the electricity to the whole house.

In addition, take the opportunity to change the burned-out bulbs for savers and purchase rechargeable batteries in case the power goes out during the health crisis. 

Adjust and repair pipes

Another of the home repairs that you can do without hiring a plumber is to check that the water taps and taps are properly adjusted, all you need is a pair of pliers, Teflon tape, a little sealant, and close the passage of water. In this way, you will prevent the pipes and faucets of the bathroom or kitchen from leaking.

Likewise, if you have covered the sink or sink you can uncover it by mixing half a cup of vinegar and half a box of baking soda, put a cap on, and after 30 minutes pour boiling water.

Deep cleans floors

The health contingency can be the perfect pretext to start cleaning and polishing the resin bound driveway floor of your home. Perform a cleaning by mixing bleach, vinegar, floor detergent, and water you can scrub with a broom constantly until all the dirt is removed.

One of the advantages of doing this home improvement is that it will help you eliminate bacteria and germs from the floors.

If you have wooden floors and they are worn, all you need to make them look like new is a high-resistance floor varnish with anti-slip. This will remove heel scratches, pet scratches, and furniture marks.  

Fix noisy doors and windows

If you can no longer stand the squeak when opening or closing your doors and windows, another home repair that you can do yourself is to apply a little lubricant.

Renew your furniture

This home improvement of the company can in your family. If you have wooden chairs, tables, and benches, choose to paint them using a tone that is on-trend.

If you have old furniture, you can renew them by rubbing a little alcohol on the damaged parts and then polishing them with wood sandpaper. This technique will remove paint chips and residue.

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Debug all areas

One of the simplest home improvements is to thoroughly clean all areas and corners of the home. Delegate a specific space to each member of your family and let them know that they will have to donate or throw away what they no longer need. This action will serve to purify the rooms and eliminate the germs that can cause the corona virus.

If you have electronic devices such as televisions, computers, and video game consoles, it is time to clean them with compressed air. You can clean the shelves with clear and water.

The COVID-19 health crisis can be a great time to make all the improvements you’ve been putting off. In addition, you can renew your home with a sustainable, minimalist or boho-chic decoration, which combines perfectly with summer.

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