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Online reviews appear overwhelmingly positive about Apple’s flagship phone, but there are a few issues that do require quick attention. The biggest might be the pricing for the top model, the price of the iPhone X is $1,001 or Rs 76,110. It’s a steep price point if you’re even aware of it.

Nevertheless, it’s not a hard limit to what you can spend on the latest iPhone. The base model of the iPhone 8, for example, is also $1,000. Most of the phones with a retail price of more than $1,000 have been somewhat disappointing.

More and better camera aside, the bigger concern is that most people would struggle to live up to its new price tag. Apple’s recent flagship iPhone upgrades have not been great – it’s left us wanting more than anything else.

The company has certainly tried to convince us with an improved camera, a powerful processor, wireless charging, and all sorts of exciting features like augmented reality capabilities, for instance. If these features sound cool enough to you, then iPhone X is an excellent choice.

But if you’re just looking for a great smartphone that is also priced reasonably, your options are a bit less limited. You can buy a new smartphone from Apple’s rival, and stalwart, rival: Samsung.

iPhone X is definitely among the best smartphones and even boasts a few nice features. It’s got a stylish body, an attractive display, a powerful processor, and advanced cameras with an outstanding camera app. It also has facial recognition, which is handy for unlocking the device – as long as you have good lighting.

Apple iPhone X is an impressive phone that is worth buying. Even if it’s a bit more expensive than you think.

iPhone X starts at Rs 89,000 for the 64GB version and goes all the way up to Rs 102,000 for the 256GB version. You can find more information on Apple’s official website.

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The biggest risk, and biggest concern, would be that we won’t need these cool features. There are plenty of smartphones on the market that do have great cameras. Moreover, even Samsung’s flagship phone from last year, the Galaxy S7, is a pretty decent device.

iPhone X still has the phone screen, fingerprint sensor, and lightning connector. The battery is also pretty impressive – lasting around two full days without a recharge, which is very nice.

The only major issue we can find at the moment is that iPhone X doesn’t offer wireless charging. If you want to use wireless charging in your house or car, you’ll need a special charger, which is kind of unnecessary. We’ll know more after we’ve spent a lot of time with the iPhone X.

Are there other reasons to buy an iPhone X?

Of course – it’s certainly a unique smartphone with an excellent camera, advanced design, and potentially advanced new features in a few years.

If you’re in the market for an iPhone – especially if it’s Apple’s newest flagship, then iPhone X is the one for you. But if you’re looking for a great smartphone and don’t want to spend too much. Check out the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

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The first review of the iPhone X appeared on the website of The Verge.

It’s not a heavy technical review, but it’s worth reading to get a sense of what it’s like to use the new phone. The review is a bit different from most of the other reviews. As it’s not primarily about the technical specs and features – it’s more of a personal piece of information sharing and a way of making the iPhone X feel like a natural extension of the iPhone, for instance.

The review is relatively lengthy, and we strongly recommend you check it out. But if you’re looking for the very most complete iPhone X review and comparison, we’d recommend checking out PCMag’s iPhone X review. Which dives deep into every single spec and feature of the device. Shares some helpful advice about what to expect if you’re thinking of buying one.

The biggest issue with the iPhone X is that it’s expensive – which is of course the opposite of what Apple wants. It’s supposed to be an expensive phone, and it probably will be. But iPhone X is still a fantastic smartphone that’s worth buying. You can get it if you decide that the $1,000 price tag is a small price to pay for all the cool features it offers. If it ends up being even better than expected. The iPhone X is definitely a worthy phone to buy, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with buying it. Make sure to consider if you need all the features it offers.

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